Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-74

1071. The unique palace of Jubbal (Shimla) was designed by a French architect in:

1072. Which tribe is famous for using wooden utensils?

1073. Where is the village ‘Sunarion ka Gaon’ (Goldsmith’s village) located?

1074. What is Chamba Chukh?

  • a) It is a name of song sung in Chamba hills.
  • b) It is mashed spicy Chillie pickle made in Chamba.
  • c) It is a kind of headgear.
  • d) It is a name of famous story.

1075. Thoda, a Khash or Khund caste dance with arrow and bows, is played in-

1076. The popular song of Fateh Ram Wazir, a described of his extraordinary skills, is of-

1077. Famous song of Sidhu Mian, telling us about the revolt of the people against Raja, is of-

1078. Laa dance in Bodh areas is called-

1079. The artist of Guler and Kangra had the colours of the dawn and the rainbow on their palettes. Who said this about the painters of Kangra?

1080. Which of the Mandi was sent to Guler for training in painting?

  • a) Mian Singh
  • b) Ral Lal
  • c) Guler Baksh

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